Watch Repair Tools Capper Back Closing Machine Bench Tool

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Material: Aluminium alloy machine,Plastic dies
Color: Red machine, Beige dies
Machine Sizes:
Length: 120mm / 4.7"
Width: 100mm / 3.9"
Height: 200mm / 7.9"

Dies Sizes:
Round size: 18/20 21/23 24/26 28/30 31/32 33/34 36/38 40/42 43/45 48/50
Two Round of dies: 16/16 20/25mm
Square size: 20 25 30 35 40 45mm
Shield size: 37 45mm
The above sizes are all outside diameter

● Opens From Closed To 1/2" to 1-1/8"
● Both the upper and lower are M6 thread which can accept most generic dies and/or the dies for Bergeon 5500A or 5500C
● Professional quality large crystal and case back press.
● This tool applies pressure by screwing top handle, this means you have total control how much pressure you use, you can use just enough pressure to fit crystal or case back. With many other press tools is very easy to apply to much and break the watch.


1. Firstly, select a larger than the table Mengzi bed, installed in the lower screw on the pliers
2. And then select a smaller than the rear cover table pressure, the installation of the pliers on the mouth
3. Place the watch down on the press on the lower side and set the rear cover in place
4. Gently press the pliers to close the back cover
5. It is advisable to place the cloth on the table

Package included:
1 x Screw Type Bench crystal bezel press back case closer
1 x 20 Dies


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