Torque Multiplier Wrench Lug Nut Lugnuts Remover Labor Saving Socket Hand Tools

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Features :

Perfect tool for emergencies or flat tyres on the Road of Trucks, RVs, Buses and other heavy duty vehicles.
Labor saving wrench to easily Loosen tire lug nuts without impact or compressor needed.
Made from extra sturdy alloy steel to withstand daily wear.
Free four sockets for deep wheel wells.
Specification :

Transmission Ratio 1:110
Maximum Safe Torque output: 9800N/M
Box Size:410*115*230mm
Package Includes :

1 x 1 in Sq Dr Crank Wrench Handle
1 x 1 in Sq Dr Special Torque converter( range 0 - 9800 Nm )
1 x 19 mm Square Socket
1 x 21 mm Square Socket
1 x 33 mm Hex Socket
1 x 41 mm Hex Socket
1 x Wrench
1 x Long bar
1 x Rocking bar

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